NYPD officers yank baby from mother in Brooklyn, NY

If you saw a mother sitting on the floor with her infant because there were no other available chairs as she waited for child care assistance, in a civil world, you would either offer her your chair, or you would take the initiative and locate a chair for her. Unfortunately, these aren’t civil times and on Friday, the New York Police Department proved their actions against the mother was not too civil either.

Disturbing video shows 23-year-old Jazmine Headley screaming on the floor of a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) office in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, as multiple NYPD officers forcefully removed her 1-year-old son, according to media outlets including The New York Post.

Nyashia Ferguson, who goes by Monae Sinclair on Facebook, captured the incident on video and posted it online as reported to NBC.

Ferguson, who recorded on her cell phone, said Headley sat on the floor because there were no seats available.

Staff at the SNAP center called the police, who say Headley refused to leave once they arrived, according to CBS New York.

The video shows the 23-year-old screaming, “They’re hurting my son!” and “I’m begging you” on the floor of the SNAP center as a team of police officers yank at her baby boy.

“She’s got a f—— baby in her hand,” another person shouts as the officers continue to tug at the child and Headley maintains her grip.

A crowd gathers around the chaotic scene with a number of onlookers recording on their smartphones. At one point, a female officer takes out a stun gun towards members of the crowd. Headley exits the building in handcuffs, the video shows.

Headley was charged with criminal trespassing, acting in a manner injurious to a child, resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration, reported The New York Post.

Ferguson’s video has been viewed more than 200,000 times since Friday — and shared nearly 7,000 times.

It caught the attention of Corey Johnson, speaker of the New York City Council, who tweeted that the video is “unacceptable, appalling and heartbreaking.”

New York Attorney General-elect Letitia James told CBS New York that “no mother should have to experience the trauma and humiliation we all witnessed in this video.”

“Being poor is not a crime,” James told the outlet. “The actions of the NYPD in this video are appalling and contemptible.”

In her interview with WABC, Ferguson lamented that the situation didn’t end in a more peaceful way.

“I was just so disgusted and scared,” she told WABC. “I thought the cops supposed to help you — they just straight up came and attacked the lady.”

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