2019 has been one helluva year for me…

  • I reached a milestone age and learned that yeah, your vision really starts to go.
  • I graduated from an Ivy League institution with a graduate degree in journalism.
  • If that wasn’t enough, I invested in myself ($) on a whim and took a certification test only days later. I passed. My resume’s value increased greatly because of it.
  • I bade adieu to 14 years of steady, but non-professional-building, employment.
  • I lost my father due to his badly damaged heart after he and I recently reconnecting.
  • I quickly landed, and quickly ended a working situation where I knew my mental health would have been jeopardized.
  • At his funeral, I learned that my father had replaced the guilt of abandoning me and my sister with another family that were/are far more devoted to him than I could ever be.
  • I was unemployed and realized I couldn’t provide for my family. I felt like a failure.
  • I looked for, then landed some gig work. I gained new friends, new sources of income, and newfound knowledge of how valued my skills are.
  • I landed new employment, and boy do I look forward to it. I start in the New Year.

Basically, I learned a lot about myself.

I learned about what I stand for, and what I don’t…

I don’t stand for career saboteurs nor for those who can’t/don’t/won’t see me in leadership positions. I learned the differences between having a boss and striving to become a leader.

I learned that I can keep a big secret. My former employer had no idea I was pursuing a graduate degree even though I traveled a few states away on a near-bi-weekly basis for over 2 years.

I learned that even when life gets really bad, you’ll make it to the other side… as long as you want to.

I’m not alone in this tough journey called life. I’m glad I’m still here. God willing, as it’s only 2:15 PM EST as this is being posted, I will see 2020.

Consider this my “HELLO WORLD”.

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